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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Clarity Stamp May Challenge - Clocks

Well here I am - earlier than last month - but as I am currently enjoying so R&R between jobs its enabled me to get ahead.

So. . . . this months challenge is clocks. . . . clocks = TIME.....and for me it is very much a TIME for change.

So this card is representing a journey - my journey of feeling very low about a job I used to absolutely love - resigning and starting a new job - starting on the 1st June at 9am to be precise, and moving from London to Peterborough - quite a thing for someone who has lived all their life in one borough!!

So what better way of representing this, than in a card!.

I combined the Clarity Bicycle Stamp with the small watch stamp - which by chance shows a minute to 9!!( The time I have to report at my new office)!  The jaunty angle upwards represents my upward journey to my new job - I drew on a flag leaning backwards to give the impression of motion and coloured it in red - my favourite colour - the wheels (clocks) I shaded and put glossy accents on. Next I made a swirly background using the shaving foam method and delusions (the swirls representing my state of mind over recent months) - and lastly I stamped out the sentiment of 'Time for a change' in red on more shaving foam backgrounds and just for a change for me instead of using the square boxes I used the hexagon ones! Mounted them all on foam sticky pads.
Lastly instead of a straight edge on the background I used some deckle edged scissors - even more of a change!!

So ..... lots of So's here!!! - I hope you like it and my story behind the card.

Thanks for stopping by

Much Love
Kim x

Friday, 1 May 2015

A weekend away at Thetford Forest in Norfolk - here for the weekend to get away from packing boxes and the general stresses of our on-going house move that has ground to a bit of a halt!
So time to chill in the hot tub - Harry joined us too in his little boat! Think I might just want to stay here until the house move finally happens!!