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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Fussy Cutting - Clarity August Challenge

Well it's been a while since I blogged but this months challenge tempted me to get creative and find some time to make a card and blog it, so here goes!

My first step was to blend four distress inks together that spoke Autumn to me.... I just love the colours of Autumn and every day for the last couple of weeks as I drive to work I see the early signs of Autumn beginning.

Once I had blended the inks I lightly spritzed and then blotted with some kitchen roll and then let it thoroughly dry.  Once dry I then stamped in Sepia Archival as many leaf stamps as I could along with the Autumn sentiment.

Then came the fussy cutting with scissors and craft knife

Flipped each leaf over and blended some of the vintage photo ink to take away the white edges 

And lastly started to shape the leaves with a ball tool, keeping some flat and then gradually getting deeper.

Lastly I arranged them all on black card ( as I felt this really made the colours pop) to resemble a pile of fallen leaves and then placed the sentiment to the side.

Hope you like it!