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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Story

A Christmas Story..... this could be the traditional Nativity Scene, or a Christmas Story such as 'Twas The Night'... all so deserving of art work - but for me I wanted to show something that was personal to me.

A year ago I was happily travelling from SE London to Peterborough every couple of weeks to take part in different Clarity Workshops...bit by bit I was falling in love with the area ... a pipe dream was developing ... wouldn't it be lovely to live there.

Well - a year later I find myself actually living in Peterborough! - an eventful year of complete life change of both work and home... all of which has made me a much happier person.

So why Holly and why Groovi... of the best inventions of the year for me..Parchment one of the crafts I have always failed at since I was a teenager... so embracing Groovi has been a turning point in my crafting skills....taking it a step further by now attending a monthly workshop locally in Peterborough, where I am learning the traditional side of parchment - but able to mix with the modern Groovi. Holly spoke to me as soon as I saw her.... and so my scene developed...Holly is walking the road to Peterborough through the drifting snow... where she will celebrate her first Christmas in a new home.

I have made this card for my Mum for Christmas.

Hope you like it

Thanks for Reading

Much Love