Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fairy Door

A while back I was asked to make a Fairy Door, so after a bit of research and YouTube watching I came up with this.  I made this one for a friend, adorned it with moss, flower pots, flowers, a milk crate and a tiny post box.  The whole thing starts of as branches found in the woods, a piece of wood I already had and large lolly sticks. The rest is imagination, glue and varnish !


  1. I love this fairy door Kimmy. I think the attention to detail is marvellous. The little milk bottles are so cute.... I want one!

    1. I will have to see what I can muster up after Christmas Vanessa!!! xx

  2. Thank you Kimmy. I love my fairy door and it has pride of place on my window sill. I will treasure it always xxx

  3. So very pleased that you selected it from all the gifts on the table (;)) xx

  4. Love your fairy doors your so clever xx