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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Christmas Story

A Christmas Story..... this could be the traditional Nativity Scene, or a Christmas Story such as 'Twas The Night'... all so deserving of art work - but for me I wanted to show something that was personal to me.

A year ago I was happily travelling from SE London to Peterborough every couple of weeks to take part in different Clarity Workshops...bit by bit I was falling in love with the area ... a pipe dream was developing ... wouldn't it be lovely to live there.

Well - a year later I find myself actually living in Peterborough! - an eventful year of complete life change of both work and home... all of which has made me a much happier person.

So why Holly and why Groovi... of the best inventions of the year for me..Parchment one of the crafts I have always failed at since I was a teenager... so embracing Groovi has been a turning point in my crafting skills....taking it a step further by now attending a monthly workshop locally in Peterborough, where I am learning the traditional side of parchment - but able to mix with the modern Groovi. Holly spoke to me as soon as I saw her.... and so my scene developed...Holly is walking the road to Peterborough through the drifting snow... where she will celebrate her first Christmas in a new home.

I have made this card for my Mum for Christmas.

Hope you like it

Thanks for Reading

Much Love



  1. A lovely Christmas parchment card the colours you have used are lovely. Good luck in the challenge and thank you for entering. Xx

  2. So beautiful lovely parchment and coloured well good luck in the clarity challenge xx

  3. Such a lovely card and something so special your mum will enjoy displaying it year after year! Enjoy your parchment crafting. Best wishes in this month's Clarity Challenge and many thanks for joining in. ;~}

    1. Loving the parchment , thank you x

  4. Beautiful Kim and what a lovely story behind it. Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home..good luck and thanks for entering xx

  5. Beautiful Kim and what a lovely story behind it. Enjoy your first Christmas in your new home..good luck and thanks for entering xx

  6. A wonderful card and a super story, Hope you will continue to enter the Challenges and be very happy.

  7. This is such a beautiful card, and I loved the story behind it. Good Luck in your new home and new 'life'. Katy.

  8. Beautiful card Kim; and I love the rich, traditional colours you've used. Hope this Christmas will be the first of many happy ones in your new home. Thanks for entering the Clarity challenge, and good luck. Xxx

  9. Lovely card and a great story behind it, I know your mum will love it too.

  10. A lovely story behind a very beautiful card. I really like the Holly image, just wish it was available as a stamp, as I haven't ventured into the Groovi yet!
    Good luck in the Clarity challenge.

  11. Beautiful parchment work Kim, and such a lovely story behind it. Thanks for entering this month's Clarity challenge. Good luck! x

  12. I love this Kim, I love the colours, they are so rich. I do like the fact that you've done parchment a bit more modern, so lovely.
    Congratulations on your new home and I hope you have a great Christmas there.
    Good luck in the challenge.
    Amanda xx

  13. Beautiful Kim. Thank you for sharing Holly with us. I just know your Mum will treasure this for years to come.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you x

  14. I bet your mum loved this card. It is beautiful. Wish I was closer to attend the workshops, hope you are enjoying them. Good Luck in the challenge. xx

  15. Really fabulous Kim - love the vibrancy of the colours and that you've made such a modern piece of parchment art. Thanks for sharing, Susan x

  16. A wonderful design Kim and a lovely story behind it. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas in your new home. Good luck in the challenge x