Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Clarity Challenge

Clarity Calendar Challenge

Hi everyone

Today on Barbara Grays blog she has set the task of people challenging themselves... You know, that reach for the stars approach!
So today I have made a start by firstly add two blog links to my page and - all things being equal - added a link to the new monthly challenge at the top of this blog!

You know that saying... You learn something every day... Well today I have just by being challenged !

So the next step is to actual submit a piece of work on that link above !  .... See you all on the other side - are you up for a challenge too?

In the mean time a little bit of Clarity Stamp meets Groovi.

I watched Maria in Crowborough last summer where she demoed stamps and groovi together. First stamp your chosen image in archival, heat tool to dry the image, flip over and groovi to your hearts content and colour in your stamp - on this one I used pro markers- mounted on card with the punched corners.

Much love

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